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Optimal Operation Makes Remarkable Results

(2015-12-24) Click:4331

Scientific operation brought good results for Wuling Power in 2015. Its 12 directly-managed large and medium-sized hydropower plants have done historically brilliant job, meeting 81 days ahead of schedule the pledged target of electricity generation.

Wuling constantly endeavored to optimize its remote control of unattended power plants. Due to optimal operation, it increased electricity generation by 833 GWh. It developed six economic operation models for the run-off-river hydropower plants in Guazhi, Lingjintan, Dongping, Zhuxikou, Majitang and Jinweizhou, which can be used to guide delicacy operation of reservoirs. Beyond that, Wuling has accomplished the research on automated operation of the spillway gate in low head hydropower plants responding to its output and water level changes, and the result has been put into operation in Majitang Power Plant.

Amid 6.2% decline in inflow this year, Wuling pushed its power generation to an all-time high with a year-on-year increase of 2.9%. Four power plants including Sanbanxi, Baishi and Tuokou reached new peaks of annual generation while six plants such as Wuqiangxi, Lingjintan and Hongjiang Power Plants exceeded the designed annual generation.

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