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New Remote Integrated Control Center Put into Service

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Wuling Power new remote integrated control center begins service on March 20, 2016. 

The new Control Center, which manages 12 power plants with 54 turbine-generator units, having a total installed capacity of 4.66 GW, It has become China’s largest one in terms of the number of controlled plants and units.   As of the end of February 2016, It  has remotely started-up and stopped units 67,697 times with zero failure due to remote control. It has tried, for years, to improve remote control for conventional hydropower plants (dams) and centralized dispatch for reservoirs. Cascade hydropower plants have been integrated giving full play to their advantages in maximizing electricity generation and revenues. From2006 to 2015,reservoir operations were optimized, increasing electricity output by 4.05 TWh. Its innovative regional control in a “one person-to-multiple plants” way takes the lead in China’s centralized control practice and is being recognized by professionals and peers. Unattended, or few-men-on-duty remote control management is a breakthrough for traditional management and centralized control mode. The “Wuling Mode” was created for cross-basin cascade hydropower plants centralized control.

The new Control Center has 12 work stations to maintain the centralized control and monitoring system. Four new work stations were set for data statistics, operation training, system maintenance and standby function respectively, which supplement the original six duty work stations, a reservoir dispatcher work station, and a  standby operation station. Modernized facilities and new positions better safeguard centralized control and production, making it a leader in centralized control technology. It also facilitates production data collection from hydropower plants and personnel training.

The new Control Center, with its new environment and location, strives to be the state-of-the-art one of a kind in China --"safe, efficient, intelligent, competent, and harmonious".

With this new control center,Wuling Power will make vigorous efforts to fulfill its Five-Year Plan and achieve greater prosperity.

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