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Wuling’s First Centralized Ground PV Station Put into Operation

(2016-08-01) Click:4280

Wuling Qinghe Photovoltaic Power (PV) Station was successfully connected to the grid on June 27, 2016, marking Wuling’s first large centralized ground PV station was put into commercial operation.

The Station, consisting of 91,520 sets of 260Wp polycrystalline silicon PV modules, and 20 sets of 1000kW container type inverters, has a total installed capacity of 23.7952 MWp. Its annual energy output averages 31.2 GWh .

The project began construction on September 28, 2015. Overcoming harsh climatic conditions in Qinghe area and communication troubles due to local dialects. Wuling Power Xinjiang Branch proceeded the project construction and preparations effectively and completed the project within limited construction period.

Qinghe PV Station is expected to benefit environment upon its operation.Every year, it is estimated to cut down 8,700 tons of standard coal consumption, and reduce emissions of smoke dust, SO2, NO2, and CO2 by 3.42 tons, 7.94 tons, 10.02 tons, and 2.39 tons respectively. 

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