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Wuling Inaugurates 1st Professional Skills Training Course on Wind Power

(2016-12-20) Click:4112


Ever since its founding, Wuling Power has been dedicating in optimizing operation and management. It has fully carried out remote integrated control and dispatching of cross-basin hydropower plants, leading the industry in terms of both technology and management.

Along with Wuling’s delivery of several renewable energy projects in recent years, two regional renewable energy integrated control centers were accordingly established in Hunan and Xinjiang. Remote integrated control will be stepwise used for the 12 wind power plants in operation or under construction in 4 provinces, with a total installed capacity reaching 720MW.  As for integrated control, Wuling has taken a lead in technology-based management upgrading, and its management superiority and reputation has been growing.

Wuling inaugurated its first SPIC level professional skills training course on wind power on December 9. The trainees were from Northeast New Energy Co., Ltd. wind power plants subordinated to the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC). The 20-day training focuses on Wuling’s wind power development, and integrated control, aiming to cultivate the first batch of professionals for the preparation, establishment,and operation of the integrated control center of SPIC Northeast New Energy Co., Ltd..

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