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Wuling Leaders Call for Great Progress in New Year

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On February 6, the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, corporation leaders Deng Zhihua, Yao Xiaoyan, Wu Jiangang, Zeng Zaixiang, Tan Wensheng, He Lianhui, and Pei Wenlin inspected all departments and offices at Wuling’s Changsha headquarter to send New Year greetings to the staff. They expressed gratitude for the staff’s hard work in the previous year, and called for progress in both study and work in the New Year.

The leaders shook hands with every staff, extending warm greetings and New Year wishes. An air of harmony and happiness spread to every corner, along with their “Happy New Year” greetings.

Wuling’s leaders affirmed the good performances of all departments made in the past, and proposed specifications for 2017 tasks. They stressed that priority should be given to “breakthrough and promotion”, to overcome difficulties and make oriented efforts, so as to achieve Wuling’s targets and create more and better achievements.

As an old saying goes that “making an early plan in spring, you will gain more strength”. With warm greetings and guidance from the leaders, passionate, intelligent, and insistent Wuling staff continued devoting themselves for the progress in the New Year. 

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