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Wuling's Hosting Company Helps Poor Students

(2017-04-24) Click:4335

Guizhou Qiandong Power Co., Ltd (Qiandong), a hosting company of Wuling, recently organized volunteers to visit three students from poor families in Zhenyuan Middle School, and presented them with subsidies.

Qiandong has been providing financial aid to these students for years. Coming to know two of the three students will participate in the college entrance examination in June this year, the volunteers paid a special trip to the school, just before the examination, as to learn more about the academic performance and daily life of the students, and encourage them to pursue their dreams. The volunteers also shared their own experience of passing the college entrance examination.

Deeply moved and encouraged by the volunteers, the sponsored students vowed to bear up against difficulties and try their best to repay the society with their hard work and good performances in the future.




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