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Wuling Launches Summer Camp for Staff’s Children

(2017-08-18) Click:4484


On August 16, Wuling launched its 2017 summer camp for staff's children. More than 60 children participated.
They visited the BROAD Group, learning about its non-electric chiller, and the global internet monitoring system. They overlooked Changsha from the top of 205-meter-tall J57 Mini Sky City, which was completed in 19 days.
During their visit to Yuhua Intangible Culture Heritage Museum, the children experienced wax printing, woodworking, cane weaving, palm fiber weaving, clay sculpture, and Chinese art paper making. They learned persistence and spirit of craftsmanship from the intangible cultural heritage inheritors, and also, broadened their views and made friends.
As an important corporate cultural activity of Wuling, such summer camp has been held for eight consecutive years, and well-loved by the staff and their children. It enriches the children’s vacation life, and contributes to enhancing corporate cohesion.

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