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Wuling Awarded for Management Innovations

(2017-08-28) Click:4577

Twelve papers, selected by Wuling, were recommended by the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) to compete in the Management Innovation Thesis Contest cohosted by the China Enterprise Federation, North China Electric Power University, and Enterprise Management Journal. 

Nine of the twelve papers stood out fr0m more than more than 300 competitors' over 1,600 papers, winning five first prizes,SPIC was thus the biggest winner among the Chinese five major power producers.

SPIC recently announced its management innovation achievement evaluation result 2017. “The Financial Sharing - A New Mode of Enterprise Financial Management” of the Wuling Financial Sharing Center, and “Research and Application of Bulb Tubular Unit Overhaul and Management Standards” of the Hongjiang Hydropower Plant, were awarded the first and third prize respectively.

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