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Wuqiangxi Hydropower Plant Management Systems Authenticated

(2017-10-26) Click:4594


On October 14, Wuqiangxi Hydropower Plant passed the audit, organized by Beijing ZhongAn Authentication Center, on its quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management system.
State Power Investment Corporation(SPIC) raised new management standards.  Being the largest hydropower plant in Hunan, and the parent power plant and management demonstration base of Wuling, Wuqiangxi Hydropower Plant took the lead in meeting these standards.
In order to integrate the plant management system with the safety, health and environment management systems, Wuqiangxi Hydropower Plant spent lots of time on studying the terms of the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001 standards, identified and integrated 135 management systems and standards, and revised 47 job responsibility and performance assessment standards. It also sorted out the data base of environment, and occupational health and risks, and related laws and regulations. These have ensured effective operation and improvement of the management systems. All departments and teams of Wuqiangxi Hydropower Plant have made progress in quality control, target management, process control and recording, and risk identification and prevention.
The other subsidiaries of Wuling will continue improving the management systems according to the ISO standards, and implement the standards in stages.

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