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Wuling Offers Technical Training for Karuma Hydropower Plant

(2018-01-29) Click:4525


On January 14, 2018, 25 Karuma Hydropower Plant (Uganda) workers finished their 40-day technical training in Wuling.
This is the third time for Wuling to host the international hydropower management and technical training. It marks the increasing influence of its international training business.
Wuling took the lead in China in developing river hydropower development, and has accumulated rich experience in hydropower plant construction, operation, and management. Through the training, the Uganda workers learnt about Wuling’s experience in hydropower plant development and management, and its successful practice. Head of the SINOHYDRO Corporation and Karuma Hydropower Plant, who trusted Wuling with this training, spoke highly of the training effects. 
The training concentrated on hydropower production technology and management, and hydropower plant operation. It introduced turbine, generator, excitation, and relay protection systems, and stressed on safe production of hydropower plants. The trainees visited the Hydropower Dispatching Center, Dam Safety Monitoring Center, and Renewable Energy Dispatching Center inside the Wuling headquarter building. Through this training, they got a good understanding about the management and production process of a hydropower plant, and became competent in production and management at Uganda Hydropower Plant.

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