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Visit of Myanmar Media Delegation to Hongjiang and Tuokou Hydropower Plants

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On March 8, 2018, a delegation composed of 15 media personnel from Myanmar’s D Wave, Myanmar News Agency, Myanmar Alinn, MRTV, Myawaddy, Democracy Today, Skynet, and MI Radio visited Hongjiang Hydropower Plant and Tuokou Hydropower Plant of Wuling, with accompanying staff of China Report and ACHC (a Sino-Myanmar joint venture company called the Upstream Ayeyawady Confluence Basin Hydropower Co., Ltd.). Deputy General Manager of Wuling, Mr. Pei Wenlin met with the guests and held a welcome banquet for them in Changsha.

During their stay in the plants, the delegation made tours to the main buildings, central control rooms and dams. Through face-to-face exchange, they came to know the construction and operation about hydropower plants. Based on their understanding about hydropower plants in respect of resettlement, environmental protection and social contribution, the delegation raised questions about the major problems that might occur during the power plant construction, the impact to the ecological environment, and the overall development situation of hydropower in Hunan.

The delegation were deeply impressed by the clean and tidy powerhouses, well-equipped facilities, standard overhaul site, and beautiful scenery around the plants. When facing the vast reservoir areas with clear water under blue sky, the delegation were particularly astonished: “What a beautiful place!”
This tour made the delegation out-of-doubt about hydropower development. They came to know that the construction of hydropower plants will not only bring no damages to the ecological environment, but also get comprehensive benefits in respect of flood control, power generation, and the dam area tourism, etc.


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