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Wuling Helps Lens Solving A Major Power Failure

(2019-08-02) Click:1665


Lens Technology Co., Ltd. (Lens), Hunan's largest exporting enterprise, is Wuling's largest power purchaser with an annual consumption of 3 TWh.
Early morning of July 25, Wuling received an emergency call from Lens Technology Co.,Ltd. (Lens) for helping them to solve a major power failure.
The 10kV cable of the 110kV transformer substation in Lens' Xingsha factory malfunctioned. Lens' contracted maintainers had been trying to solve it for three days but failed.
The malfunction has caused huge direct economic losses. Half of capacity remained idle, and more than 10,000 staff suspended their work. Malfunction treatment was extremely urgent, to prevent further losses.
Although beyond Wuling's obligations, Wuling responded to the call as soon as possible. Electric and testing experts were sent to give an on-site fault diagnosis – poor quality of the 10kV cable end at the low voltage side of the main transformer; and, irregular grounding technique. These caused cable insulation breakdown during electricity delivery, and resulted in ground fault.
In order to shorten outage time, Wuling maintainers started remediation immediately, in spite of the hot day, with the temperature reaching 38℃. After three-hour hard work, the cable passed voltage withstand and related testing. At 16:10 that day, the main transformer delivered electricity successfully.
Operating at full load for three days, the factory has recovered normal production. Lens’ CEO and senior management spoke highly of Wuling’s professional techniques and service consciousness, and appreciated Wuling’s assistance. They expected to further enhance all-round cooperation with Wuling. Meanwhile, Wuling will continue to develop its professional and technical advantages, expand client-side energy service, and explore new business forms of client-centered comprehensive energy services.

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